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Latest item: Getting a job

No surprises - your chances of getting a job is always much better if you are better looking - even if the other person has the same qualifications. Teachers also treat good looking students better and they are more popular with their fellow students.

Latest item: Winning Lotto

The chances of winning first division Powerball Lotto in Australia are 1 in 76,767,600.

Latest item: Men Finding Love at First Sight

If you are a Man: The chances of finding Love at First Sight are greatly increased if eye contact is held for greater than 8.2 seconds.

Latest item: Royal Flush

The chances of a getting a Royal Flush in Poker is: 649,739 to 1 against.

Latest item: Asteroid

Chances of someone in their lifetime dying due to the impact of an asteroid is 1 in 200, 000.

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Latest item: Condom

The chances of a condom breaking are less than 2%.

Latest item: Hole in One

The chances of an average golfer getting a hole in one is 12, 500 to one. Chances of a professional golfer doing so is 3, 708 to one.

Latest item: Twin Twins

The chances of a twin having twins themselves are 1 in 17.

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